We are young and like to explore.

Both of us have travelled a lot. After all that traveling we were searching for the next level. Besides that, we are not a couple that settles on 5 weeks’ vacation in total per year for the next 40 years. No, that’s not our thing. 

What sort of decision can you make?

A journey by car to the place where our love started, the beautiful city of Cape Town. To put it another way, we will drive from Druten (the Netherlands) to Cape Town. 

But who are we?

Lisa (27) and Bart (32), yes, those from the Simpson, only different and with a totally different lifestyle, living in Maarssen (the Netherlands).

Both of us have spent much time abroad. Lisa lived for half a year in England for her study, half a year in Cape Town for her internship and half a year traveling through Australia, New Zealand and Asia. You can imagine that staying at home in the Netherlands for a longer period of time would become boring. 

Bart also likes traveling. He likes to be on the road, but to stay at home is also a good option for him. He traveled for 1,5 years through different continents. Long story short: by train through Russia and Mongolia, after that to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, back to Asia and finally to Cape Town where the love between Lisa and Bart started. 

It’s less relevant for our current trip; but we have been asked quite a lot what we do for a living, as we are unemployed at the moment.

Bart started his working career at the Dutch police force in Rotterdam. Next to his work he followed a bachelor degree in social work. After a duty of seven years he decided to change his path. He went traveling for 1,5 years to decide what the next step would be. After that he decided to do his master at the University of Utrecht and graduate in psychology. After graduation, he started working part-time in child care protection. Beside that he worked with two very passionatepeople, focussing on culture, attitude and behavior within organizations (www.expeditieonderstroom.nl).

Lisa was cleverer to combine her study with her passion for traveling. She did her bachelor tourism at the NHTV in Breda. During the last year of her bachelor she worked at Newways, the tour operator of the university. After her study she had several jobs in tourism. But after 2 years, she got the chance to follow a traineeship at Facilicom Group, one of the biggest companies in the Netherlands with 30.000 employees.  A dream come true, she spent a year working at Schiphol airport. 

The main reason why we are going to do this trip is to step out of common life. The days that we had in the Netherlands weren’t the same. We also had plenty of challenges to enjoy daily life. But we like to do things out of the ordinary. Another reason is the difficulty of this journey that appeals to us. To put it another way, we hope to learn and discover a lot of new things during this journey. We are looking forward to taking all the knowledge and experiences back with us to the Netherlands.

Because we are Dutch native speakers, we decided to do our blog in the Dutch language as it’s just a bit easier for us. Besides, with the software of nowadays… if you would like to read our blogs, just put them in google translate and you can enjoy every blog that we wrote in your own language! How great is that!